Safety during infectious situations

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Products to help you isolate and contain patients with infectious conditions safely

Mobile modular sampling & testing booth

Positive and negative pressure testing booth for the safe collection & handling of samples

  • Can be operated from the inside or the outside safely with the positive or negative pressure flow and reversible glove ports
  • Easy to assemble and move for a quick response in an emergency situation
  • HCP does not have to change PPE helping save costs
  • For sampling and testing of infectious patients

Mobile Barrier

Mobile barrier shield with glove ports for safe treatment or testing of infectious patients

  • Safety barrier to protect against droplets caused by coughing sneezing or breathing.
  • Mounted on wheels for mobility
  • Chemical resistant panel is easy to clean
  • For sampling and testing of infectious patients
CleanSphere™ - PCR

Patient Containment Room

Modular negative pressure cleanroom for containment and control in infectious situations

  • Easy and quick to assemble for a fast emergency response
  • Top HEPA filter unit operates quietly for user comfort
  • Chemical resistant panels are easy to clean

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