Ductless Fume Hood

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Fume, Particulate & Vapor Extraction Enclosure

The SafeAiRx is also a Fume & Vapor Extraction Enclosure that performs fume and vapor extraction for safe compounding in the pharmacy.

  • Pulls both horizontally and vertically with a face velocity of 100 fpm
  • Very cost-efficient, no ducting and no installation costs
  • Compact bench mounted unit with a stainless steel work surface
  • Low vibration and turbulence inside the unit
  • HEPA filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Activated charcoal filter to ensure better protection against fumes, gases, and vapors.
  • Uniform airflow across the filter face
  • 115-volt standard operation with option of 220-volt
  • Can be ducted to the outside with an HVAC transition collar

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