A Premier Primary Engineering Control (PEC) Manufacturer

About Us

IsoTech Design is a leading primary engineering control (PEC) manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing turnkey barrier isolators, RABS, microenvironments, and clean air environments solutions for the following markets:

We have customers in 15 countries, 5 continents, and 50 states in the US. All our primary engineering control (PEC) equipment has been validated and certified according to the respective norms and regulations.

Our Mission

Protecting life

with barrier isolation technology, compounding aseptic isolators, compounding aseptic containment isolators and clean air environments for contamination control, sterility assurance, and containment management.

Featured Products

Clean Air Essentials

IsoTech Design is pleased to introduce its new sister company.

Clean Air Essentials

is focused on consumables and SOPs used in sterile compounding, chemo compounding, hormone compounding, and environmental monitoring, for USP 797/800 compliance.


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