In some industries, temperature is key. A simple centigrade fluctuation can cause manufacturing and storage nightmares and result in destroyed products and lack of customer trust. Put simply, the right temperature simply must be maintained.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of these temperature sensitive industries. Produced, tested and stored in controlled environments, a change in temperature can cause irreparable damage which could in the worst case scenario endanger lives. It ís not hard to imagine why temperature monitoring is so vital.

Automatic, wireless temperature monitoring is so much more accurate and efficient than manual monitoring. Sensors placed in production or storage rooms continually monitor the temperature, sending their findings to a remote computer or monitoring device. An alarm will sound if a fluctuation occurs, immediately alerting staff so action can be taken. Monitoring is carried out 24/7 without the need to take up the time of highly qualified staff. It ís also not subject to human error and can be relied upon 100%. The temperature monitoring equipment will also keep a log of the temperature, something which is often needed for audit purposes.

Sometimes storage facilities for pharmaceutical products are so vast that temperature mapping needs to occur. This mapping process ensures that the temperature in every part of the large space is correct and constant. This type of temperature monitoring requires specialist technology and many firms choose to bring in temperature experts.

Temperature monitoring is needed not just in storage or production facilities but right along the supply chain. Delivery vehicles, storage containers and recipient premises must all be monitored to avoid any variance in temperature. Often called cold chain management, monitoring the temperature along a supply line is a complex procedure, often requiring the use of external experts. Their highly specialised equipment will ensure all guidance is followed and avoids the fallout from an unplanned drop or rise in temperature.